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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Blogging was never on my radar. But so much has happened in the last several years, it has been hard to catch our breath. I lost all three of my grandparents that helped sustain me through my childhood and Dave lost both of his parents. Our church family was ravaged by scandal, divided from within. I have had three foot surgeries and Dave has had open heart surgery and major back surgery.

As our nation has struggled with a pandemic and political division, we have lost dear family and friend relationships in the turmoil. Family and friends who have become so entrenched in group think, conspiracy theories, and politics that they have lost compassion and concern for their fellow man, their neighbor. My heart aches for that loss.

However, our lives have been enriched by the union of our daughter, Haley, and her husband, Eldon. My daughter has gained amazing in-laws that she genuinely adores. She has given us a grandson who lights up our world. Our daughter, Megan, returned to school a few years back. While in school, she worked fulltime, just graduated in December, and started a new career in her field in January. Our son completed his associate degree at Ohio University and has been with his main squeeze, Klaire, for over three years now. Thank God for our kids and their families.

Back to the title, why blog? Our recent journey has shifted our position on many things in many ways. We were so deeply entrenched in church culture that when a grenade was tossed in the middle of it our foundation shook. When we started asking hard questions, in hard situations, we were treated as outsiders, wayward in our faith. Thankfully, we are deep-seated in our faith and our marriage. We are far from perfect and most certainly are not done learning. Blogging is a way of sharing our journey with friends and others who might be on a similar path. We are looking for and sometimes finding people. People who have also been searching for various reasons. It is extremely exciting and one of the reasons for the blogging.

More to come. Thanks for listening. Hugs and much love, Brook

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